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I graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1984 as a medical doctor. I began learning and applying manipulative therapy during my specialization started in January 1987 at the Aegean University Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. As my interest, knowledge and experience on manual therapy advanced during the studies I made for my thesis “Manipulation on Low Back and Neck Pain”, I eventually became a physiatrist who treats only with hands. The moral pleasure I obtained as I healed my patients, on whom I was able to observe the high success rate of manipulation therapy, has always triggered my motivation toward this therapy. My studies on manipulation therapy on low back and neck pain were approved in the academic arena as the first Ph.D. thesis handling this subject in Turkey. After I became a physiatrist in 1990, I worked with therapists from different countries such as England, Russia, Japan, U.S.A, Germany, Switzerland, China, Bulgaria, Austria, France, Hong Kong and Thailand. I have been applying manipulation (manual) therapy for 35 years of my 40 years professional career as a medical doctor and I have always intended to improve my knowledge and qualifications, therefore attended various national and international seminars, conventions, courses and workshops. I am also proud to be the owner of the first and the broadest scientific publication on manual therapy, and a member of International Academy of Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine (IAMMM), highest science and education oriented organization for manual medicine.


In order to share and pass their knowledge and experience to one another, I organize seminars for exclusive groups of world-famous MDs, so that research and development of manual therapy in Turkey is motivated and professional participants are informed about findings and new techniques on the therapy. I also give interviews ( ), youtube videos ( ) and attend various TV programs ( ) to increase the nationwide awareness of manual therapy.



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Manipulation is a manual (applied with hands) physical therapy method. Manipulation therapy consists of various maneuvers and techniques based on suppressing, stretching, twisting of the diseased area. In general, it takes 2-4 sessions for mild cases to heal, 5-6 sessions for moderate cases and 8-10 sessions for severe cases. It is important to emphasize that this therapy has nothing to do with “massage” and it is also not "alternative medicine”; but a method of classical medicine.


The most important aspect of manipulation therapy is put into words by the famous saying of medicine, “There is no disease to be cured, there are patients to be healed.” So manipulation therapy is always consistent with the concept of “personal and private" treatment. Because every single person needs different treatments (different dose, application or techniques), manipulation therapy must be applied by sophisticated experts on the subject. Another important point about manipulation therapy is that there is almost never any kind of medication needed during the treatment process. It is also an advantage that some circumstances inhibiting instrumental physical therapy such as hypertension, heart diseases and diabetes have no effect on manipulation therapy.


This worldwide known and applied therapy method that treats 98% of low back and neck hernia patients successfully and without any surgical operation is applied on the following diseases:


Lumbar herniated disc (low back), (

Cervical herniated disc (neck), (

Neck flattening, (

Sacroiliac Syndrome (dysfunction),   (

Diaphragm and rib manipulation, equality arms, (

Spondylolisthesis (1.º and stable ones ) (

Lumbar Facet Syndrome, (

Migraine (cranial manipulation), (

Tension-type headaches, (

Carpal tunnel syndrome, (

Jaw joint disorder  (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction),(


My purpose is to serve you, my dear patients, with every advancement and improvement, and also raise the quality of your lives with the best treatment methods. As a medical doctor with an individualist and humanist approach towards his patients, I am also glad to serve you as a health mentor even after the treatment process.

Aside from all, athletics and fitness are the fields of sports that I am regular at and I possess gold medals of 2009&2010 (Turkey Masters Athletics Championship - 100m sprint) and the silver medal of 2011 Athletics Championship of Balcans.





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